Things to consider while choosing a litigation lawyer

There are times when we all need help professionally especially where law is concerned. Where option are many, it is not easy to decide on which firm to opt for. Here are a few things to consider when hiring a business litigation lawyer.

While selecting a litigation lawyer the emphasis all along must be on the lawyer and not on the firm. There is no point in selecting a litigation lawyer based on the size or reputation of his / her firm because eventually firms don’t try a case it’s the lawyer who does. Cardinal Commercial Litigation Perth has highly specialised lawyers that possess the skills necessary for a winning trial strategy.

For business litigation just any lawyer won’t do as it is a highly specialised skill. In fact most lawyers are not litigators and do not possess the skills necessary for a winning trial strategy.
While hiring a litigation lawyer  it is important that you are clear about what you want, what your priorities are and choose a litigator who is broadly in sync with you. While hiring a litigator one must look for someone who has experience in handling similar cases. You must get an idea about the number of cases of similar nature he / she may have handled in the recent past and out of these the proportion that went for verdict.

It may also be important to understand how many of these went to judges and how many to juries. Along with sound experience the litigation lawyer must also demonstrate the value of “courage”. While the litigator should not be too keen to push the case to trial it is extremely important that he / she is comfortable and willing to try the case if required.

The litigation lawyer must also be “wise” enough to decide how much energy he / she must spend in trying to settle the case. A perfect choice would be a lawyer trained in both mediation  and negotiation to be able to optimally use both strategies as and when required.

In addition to the above, another key variable to be considered in the decision making process is the kind of fee that the lawyer is going to charge. It is also important to discuss the likely communication mechanisms between the client and the lawyer. Also if you are selecting a firm be sure to check who all from the firm are going to be working on the case.

While all the above variables are important for zeroing in on the “right” candidate it is equally important to notice how you feel about the lawyer. Trust is the most crucial aspect while selecting a litigation lawyer.