How to select the right marketing software for a small business

The search for the right marketing software must be preceded by some internal soul searching by a business. In order to zero in on the “right” marketing software it is crucial to first develop a clear understanding of the businesses’ marketing needs.These needs must be clearly articulated, prioritized and measurable. This step will help the business identify the most suitable software for its given marketing needs or goals. It will help the business decide whether a simple email based marketing application is most suitable or whether it needs a fully integrated automated system approach to address its marketing needs.

In addition, the businesses’ marketing software budget is another key consideration while choosing a suitable software. Ideally, the budget should be able to cover costs related to software purchase, implementation as well as support. Enterprise software requires a higher budget as compared to a email oriented software. UXC Eclipse  is a global ERP & CRM software implementation partner delivering a choice of intelligent business solution

Secondly, the business must make a candid assessment of its marketing department with respect to the availability of staff to run the application.  The business must be honest about whether there is likely to be staff available for this function or whether it is going to be a part time function given to an existing staff. Further, the technical acumen and comfort of the marketing staff is another key variable that the business must factor in while choosing its marketing software. Small businesses are likely to find full feature applications which need a high level of technical skills and expertise neither very desirable nor effective.

The business must also map all people and / or functions that are likely to access the application such as copywriters, PR agents, business managers, sales staff, etc. It is also crucial to identify all those that are likely to receive output from the marketing system. These could include sales staff, managers, help desk staff, etc. The type and number of people who access the application and /or receive outputs from the same would influence the type of product required by a business.

Following the steps stated above, the business must look out for a marketing software vendor which is broadly aligned with the business, in terms of sales, marketing and lead generation.